Last day in Vegas 2019!

Our last full day was filled with a lot of service, community, and lifting each other up. We finished VBS strong and were able to bless the people who have been blessing us this whole week by helping with service projects. We won’t be getting any sleep before leaving Vegas at 5am so prayers for rest for our drivers is really needed tonight! We’re excited to see our families and loved ones soon! Thank you for your encouragement throughout this entire trip!

Hiking at Red Rock Canyon

VBS day 4!

Today was our final full day in Vegas, and it was bittersweet. God was working in us and through very evidently and he did some amazing things. We started the day with a couple of service projects at some local friends’ houses. The first house was the former home of Dawn, who Holly is connected with. They had to move across town abruptly and we helped clean their home. Afterwards we moved onto Trish’s house to clean your her yard and fix up her backyard furniture. All the while God was working in us as we were all very tired and ready to take a nap whenever we had the chance.
The really impactful part of the day was the final vacation Bible School. The kids that we have been working with this whole week have left their mark in us just as much as I hope we have left our mark on them. Seeing the struggles they go through and how it manifests in their behavior truly allowed us to understand further how much these kids need the love of Christ. These kids remember their times at VBS, and I hope it is a memory that represents Jesus in their life.
Finishing up the day, we spent the final hours debriefing and edifying each other in love, reminiscing about the past week, and looking forward to the next trip and what God is going to do through us when we get home. He truly spread his light through us here in the city of darkness. He revealed the sin in this place through his revealing light and replaced it with a bright hope.

– David Tennies

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