Day 5 in Las Vegas 2019

We’ve been having pretty amazing days here in Vegas! More and more great stories are being shared from the college campus and VBS and it’s really moving! Keep us in your prayers today for energy because we need an abundance of it!

Playing music with a student we evangelized to
VBS Day 3

Matress World!!
The Strip!

We had another incredible day in Vegas! Wednesday started with breakfast and a devotional led by Allen. We discussed the importance of being a strong and unified team through everything we’re doing while on this trip.

We then headed to the college campus where we split off again to have conversations with people! As it so happened, there was a Smash Brothers tournament in the Main Building. This provided an awesome way for some of our group to connect with people and have opportunities to share their faith! It’s always so cool to hear the stories about the beautiful ways God is working through the interactions each person has.

After we finished up at the campus, it was on to VBS at Trinity! The theme for the day was God’s protection. The kids learned about God saving Daniel in the Lion’s Den; watched dollar bills being lit and fire and not burning; played awesome games; made paper torches; and sang a couple fun worship songs! Sing it with us: “This little Light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…”

In the evening, we joined the older kids (6th-12th) for their Ignite group at Trinity. We enjoyed a lovely time of worship led by Kylene, Brianna, and Autumn! Then Wade shared lesson on identity and how having our identity set in Christ FREES us to take off any “masks” we may have been wearing in an attempt to find acceptance, purpose, and love. This led into an amazing opportunity for our Kairos team to meet with the students in small groups to share stories, encourage each other, and pray!

We concluded this wonderful day with a visit to Mattress World (which was fantastic as always!!) and more evangelism outside the Bellagio on the Strip.

Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers! We are really blessed to be in Vegas this week and continue to pray for total dependence and reliance on God. He gives us strength! May our team grow closer to God and to each other over the next couple days…and even more so after we get back home. 🙂

– Randi Oliver

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